Wednesday, 7 May 2008

1954 Marvin Manual 9ct Gold

Marvin is the brand name of watches bound for the American market by Swiss brothers, M. and E. Didisheim. They adopted the Marvin name (after their best client) in the 1930s as they lacked a brand for their increasingly popular wristwatches. This is a very pretty piece in a 9ct gold case, hallmarked 1954 and made by Dennison. The entire piece is in excellent original condition. With a 30mm diameter (excluding the crown) "boy size", this watch would look great on women or men. The current gold-plated band does not seem to be original, but suits the watch well. I have been wearing it with a brown leather band, which looks very smart.

Year: 1954
Make: Marvin
Case: 9ct Gold
Back: 9ct Gold
Case maker: Dennison
Movement: Marvin 520
Type: Manual wind
Jewel: 17
Diameter: 30mm (excluding crown)
Price: £295 ($590 USD)

1954 Marvin dress watch

1954 Marvin dress watch showing hallmarks on lug

Friday, 2 May 2008

1966 Omega Seamaster 600 Stainless Steel

It is hard to say if this very rare dial is repainted or an unusual original. I have seen precedent for this type of dial (on a 1967 Seamaster 120 and a 1960s Constellation) so it was certainly an option of the period, but is rarely seen. I particularly like the narrow bezel on the Seamaster 600. This example is also in absolutely mint condition. Everything is signed, dial, movement, crown and case. I have never seen a watch quite like it.

Year: 1966
Make: Omega
Model: Seamaster 600
Case: Stainless steel
Back: Stainless steel
Movement: Omega 601
Type: Manual wind
Jewel: 17
Diameter: 34mm (excluding crown)
Price: £595 ($1,190 USD)

1966 Omega Seamaster 600

1966 Omega Seamaster 600 movement - Omega 601

Thursday, 1 May 2008

1947 Longines Manual 9ct Gold

This lovely Longines is a very clean, wearable classic. It looks great as a dress watch or a casual day-to-day piece if you like to wear something a little different. I have seen several examples of this type of Longines in stainless steel or chrome but I have not seen to date another one like this in a gold case. I wear this watch a lot so I know it keeps good time.

Year: 1947
Make: Longines
Case: 9ct gold
Back: 9ct gold
Case maker: H&S
Movement: Longines 12.68Z
Diameter: 33mm (excluding crown)
Type: Manual wind
Jewel: 17
Price: £450 ($900 USD)

1947 Longines dress watch

1947 Longines movement - Longines 12.68Z